Our Mission

Since the establishment of our company in 2011, our business mission has been to position Ludy Web Design as a pre-eminent website design and internet marketing company focused on raising the aesthetic standard for websites and improving the quality and value of internet marketing. We are committed to building Ludy Web Design with the core competencies needed to provide our clients with smart captivating websites and dynamic marketing strategies in order to increase website traffic, improve profitable revenue streams, and maintain long-term sustainability.

Benjamin Ludy

Founder & Creative Director

Ben helps clients reach their business and organizational goals through website design, development, content management, and internet marketing. With a Master’s Degree in Sport Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management, and experience in the service and marketing industries, he understands how customers think and can help you anticipate your customers' needs, working with you to create strategies for increasing traffic to your website, enhancing its user experience, and producing more leads and sales. The internet marketing platform our team builds and manages will create profitable revenue streams and ensure long-term growth.